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IndaSoftware Cover Professional is an easy-to-use program to create photorealistic virtual 3D
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1 June 2010

Editor's review

There is an old English idiom which states, never judge a book by its cover; signifying not to measure something based on outer appearance. However, to look at the other side of the picture, the outer appearance forms a baseline pertaining to what is inside and forms an ideation for any person before getting to know what is inside. A book cover, music CD cover or any other product cover is the deciding factor majorly to set its worth and sale; hence it becomes immensely important to design the packaging effectively to enable garner enough interest on the part of the buyer. Computerized graphics and imagery nowadays help in designing vibrant covers in 3D form; IndaSoftware Cover Professional 1.1 scores high on account of this feature and creating striking virtual covers.

IndaSoftware Cover Professional opens with a light hued interface with the main options placed at the top left and left panel displaying the options to design covers for various material like CD box, DVD box, Magazine, Books and many more. The software assures professional looking covers that are impressive enough to gather interest. Most of the time, in order to design a professional looking cover, assistance is required from diverse illustrative software or a professional photographer. This cost effective utility provides photorealistic effects and shadows in the most user friendly manner with the user only requiring specifying size, front, sides and the top along with angle and shades. The changes and designs made can be previewed before finalizing and the image can saved in wide ranging popular file types.

To conclude, Cover Professional 1.1 definitely comes across as a vivid application that adds color and creativity to any virtual packaging and hence gets a rating score of four points for its superior functions and tools.

Publisher's description

Maybe you can't judge a book by its cover. But with Cover Professional, you can be sure that the cover your customer sees is professional looking and that it creates just the right impression. And first impressions are everything. In most cases, your products cover design is also your point of purchase display, so the better and more professional it looks, the better chance you have to make the sale.
Until now, if you wanted a professional rendering of your software box cover, your book cover, CD cover and other similar packages, you either had to hire a professional photographer or create an illustration of your design in an expensive, and difficult to use 3D application. Cover Professional has changed all that. This reasonably priced utility lets you turn your illustrations or photographs into a virtual rendering of your package complete with your choice of background, photorealistic shadows and even elegant reflections. And the best part is it's incredibly easy! Specify the image for the front, sides, and top, determine the angle and background color, and press Render. Cover Professional does the rest. In minutes!
Cover Professional lets you create professional looking virtual covers, box shots, books, cards, screenshots. Choose one of the options presented in the program, set the angle and background color, adjust the light, shadow, and reflection and press Render. It is as simple as that. You see the changes you make in real-time in the preview window. Cover Professional lets you create high definition images on most PCs. And when you are done, save the final image in a wide range of the most popular file types. Perfect for your website, or for the highest quality professional printing. And did we mention it's really easy?
Our special rendering technology, which uses a powerful visualization algorithm, produces a photo-realistic, 3D clear image of your product instantly. Try Cover Professional in action and see for yourself!
IndaSoftware Cover Professional
IndaSoftware Cover Professional
Version 1.2
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